Tribeca Angels | The Tribeca Angels Process & Commitment
The Manhattan-based Tribeca Angels adhere to a responsive and streamlined process when selecting companies to invest in.
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A Responsive and Streamlined Process



Because we have a full-time team and an office in Tribeca, we are continually processing opportunities and deal flow. We do not have monthly or quarterly pitch nights. We simply evaluate every opportunity in real time as they come in the door.


We are an Investment Committee driven process. Which means, you do not have to meet with 50 angels to secure an investment. Our Investment Committee does the screening and evaluation of every potential investment. Entrepreneurs are typically interfacing with three to five members before a decision is made. We will give a quick “no”, and while a “yes” may take longer, it usually involves two to four in-person meetings (or calls) to complete our process.


Once the Investment Committee has approved a deal, we circulate an Investment Memo and related materials to all members to bring them up to speed. Then we invite the entrepreneur to a group call with our members so they can hear the story and ask questions. A few days later, you will learn what our commitment amount is, though as stated, our first check is a minimum of $500,000.


As we are a hybrid structure which sits somewhere between an angel club and a venture fund, we can be flexible in our criteria. However, the further you drift from our core guidelines the more compelling the opportunity has to be for us to pursue it. We come from sophisticated, global institutions and many of us have built businesses geared toward these clients. Our strength is in non-consumer, FinTech companies. This is where we can be the most helpful to early stage ventures. Other things we look for:


  • Post-product, post-revenue. The lines between seed, pre-seed, pre-A and everything else have blurred in recent years. But we think of ourselves as Pre-Series A investors where the company has proven that clients care about their value proposition to the tune of $500,000+ in ARR-type revenue.
  • New York City home. From experience, we have learned we can be most helpful to companies which are based in and around New York City. Our team and our network are here.
  • First check of $500,000. We can go lower if we have to, and we usually go much higher, but companies should be looking for at least that amount of capital before they approach us.