Tribeca Angels | The Tribeca Angels Process & Commitment
The Manhattan-based Tribeca Angels adhere to a responsive and streamlined process when selecting companies to invest in.
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A Responsive and Streamlined Process


Preferably, you are introduced to Tribeca Angels through an existing member. Alternatively, if you are not connected to any of us, you can submit an application online from our Apply page. While priority will be given to applicants introduced through members, we will gladly accept and review your company through our online submission process - it just may take a bit longer if we are busy (which we usually are).


No matter what channel you have used to reach us, our Screening Committee will quickly determine if your business is a good fit for our network. Typically, we would arrange an introductory call or in-person meeting with the relevant expertise in our network. After our first dialogue, we may bring additional members into the discussion to help us evaluate the opportunity.


After this early screening process, we will decide whether or not to elevate your company to our Investment Committee. The members of the Screening Committee are also members of the Investment Committee so you are not starting from scratch. Through this phase, you can expect increased dialogue and requests for information as we take a deep dive into your business.


Our process will be measured in weeks not months. We will dig deeper into your company, business model, thought process, pipeline, projections, and many other things. This will likely happen over a few conference calls, email exchanges, and at least one in-person meeting. But your expectation should be that we will reach a conclusion quickly. At this point, we are seriously contemplating an investment into your company- we don't like wasting your time (or ours).


If we get to “yes”, that means Tribeca Angels will collectively invest at least $200,000 – which is our combined minimum. We will also discuss the terms under which we are investing (clearly this depends on whether we are the lead, or following other investors, or several other factors). But we are an entrepreneur friendly club and our terms will reflect that. We follow best practices in term sheets, final documentation, evaluation, due diligence, and every level of engagement.


At this point, we will also show it out to all members for consideration and give them 5 business days to commit. During this time period, we will also arrange a conference call or in-person meeting with you so our members have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know you a bit. We project our collective bite size to be $250,000-$500,000 per investment. Once committed we will move to due diligence, documentation, and closing.