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The goal of the Tribeca Angels is to be the premier source of seed and early stage capital for start-up ventures in the institutional FinTech space. The Tribeca Angels seek entrepreneurs with passion and deep domain knowledge with game-changing ideas. Collectively, Tribeca Angels will typically invest $500,000-$1,000,000 into seed and early-stage companies.
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It’s all about the network

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We are a network of entrepreneurs and business leaders with deep domain expertise in institutional finance and enterprise technology. With approximately 50 members, we have experience and perspective in virtually every facet of capital markets and institutional finance. We are not slow. We are not stodgy. We don’t waste time. Many of us have been entrepreneurs so we understand that raising capital, while necessary, can be very distracting when you are building a world class company. We also know the power of that one additional introduction which can change the fortunes of a young enterprise. So we move quickly and freely apply our expertise, networks and contacts to help early stage companies reach great heights.


Tribeca Angels was founded in 2014. Our goal is to be the premier source of early stage capital for FinTech companies. While we are an angel group, we also have dedicated capital from our members which results in a strong network of engaged investors for our portfolio companies. We are typically looking for post-product, post-revenue opportunities and will invest $500,000 to $1mm with our first check. We have created a streamlined investment process with efficiency for the entrepreneur as a priority.

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About Roots


Tribeca Angels is based in New York City. While we have and can invest in companies outside of New York, we find we are most helpful to the portfolio companies which are geographically close. We have an office in Tribeca, and are continually meeting and assessing opportunities while also bringing our network to existing investments.