Tribeca Angels | Tribeca Angels
Tribeca Angels is a group of more than 50 fin-tech experts, who are well-connected investors, based in Manhattan. The New York City based Tribeca Angels focus on early and seed-stage companies, providing them with expertise, relationships, and capital.
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We are a collection of finance professionals, entrepreneurs and technologists who focus on using our collective network to finance, advise, and propel early stage FinTech companies. Tribeca Angels has a straightforward investment process and a first check minimum of $500,000, and we frequently make initial investments of $1mm or more. As entrepreneurs, we understand the difficulties of starting a company and can provide guidance and expertise when needed.


Tribeca Angels operates in the space between venture capital and angel investing: we combine the strength of an angel network with the dedicated capital of a venture fund. We enjoy learning about companies, ideas, and their founders. We want to meet with you, hear your passion, and share your vision.  If it all comes together, Tribeca Angels will be your biggest supporter, opening up our network with full engagement to help you succeed.


We are based in New York City. Proximity is important if our network is to be maximized for the benefit of the entrepreneurs we fund. The FinTech arena is in tremendous flux given the combination of a dramatically different regulatory environment and the robust developments in technology which have made it easier, cheaper and faster to bring great ideas to market. Tribeca Angels can help you navigate this arena.